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Welcome to the Starlink Initiative - Fox and Crew by dragonheart07 Welcome to the Starlink Initiative - Fox and Crew :icondragonheart07:dragonheart07 4 29 Sora and Louie Chibi Merfolks Conversation Comm. by dragonheart07 Sora and Louie Chibi Merfolks Conversation Comm. :icondragonheart07:dragonheart07 8 0 U9 Bergamo Wolf Taur Comm. Colored by dragonheart07 U9 Bergamo Wolf Taur Comm. Colored :icondragonheart07:dragonheart07 14 2 U9 Bergamo Wolf Taur Commission by dragonheart07 U9 Bergamo Wolf Taur Commission :icondragonheart07:dragonheart07 5 0 Lupe Centaur Sonic Style Comm. Colored by dragonheart07 Lupe Centaur Sonic Style Comm. Colored :icondragonheart07:dragonheart07 10 0 Lupe Centaur Commission Sonic Style by dragonheart07 Lupe Centaur Commission Sonic Style :icondragonheart07:dragonheart07 3 0 MerMay Month Commission - Merfolk Louie by dragonheart07 MerMay Month Commission - Merfolk Louie :icondragonheart07:dragonheart07 6 2 Rioichi Cooper Taur Commission Colored by dragonheart07 Rioichi Cooper Taur Commission Colored :icondragonheart07:dragonheart07 7 0 Tennessee Kid Cooper Taur Commission Colored by dragonheart07 Tennessee Kid Cooper Taur Commission Colored :icondragonheart07:dragonheart07 6 0 Rioichi Cooper Taur Commission by dragonheart07 Rioichi Cooper Taur Commission :icondragonheart07:dragonheart07 5 0 Tennessee Kid Cooper Taur Commission by dragonheart07 Tennessee Kid Cooper Taur Commission :icondragonheart07:dragonheart07 13 6 SF Centaur Mercenary Fox McCloud Commission by dragonheart07 SF Centaur Mercenary Fox McCloud Commission :icondragonheart07:dragonheart07 30 7 Starfox 2 Miyu Lynx Taur Com. - Colored by dragonheart07 Starfox 2 Miyu Lynx Taur Com. - Colored :icondragonheart07:dragonheart07 11 0 Starfox 2 Miyu Lynx Taur Commission by dragonheart07 Starfox 2 Miyu Lynx Taur Commission :icondragonheart07:dragonheart07 12 0 Starfox 2 Fay Spaniel Taur Com. - Colored by dragonheart07 Starfox 2 Fay Spaniel Taur Com. - Colored :icondragonheart07:dragonheart07 22 0 Starfox 2 Fay Spaniel Taur Commission by dragonheart07 Starfox 2 Fay Spaniel Taur Commission :icondragonheart07:dragonheart07 13 0

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Welcome to the Starlink Initiative - Fox and Crew
During the week of E3 2018, Ubisoft had its presentation and a game that was revealed last year is an upcoming action adventure open world space exploring game known as Starlink Battle for Atlas where it is a new attempt of the toys-to-life where you place the pilot figurine and then the toy ship that corresponds to it. It is an interesting to not only customize your ship and weapons while exploring the planets of the Atlas Star System. What is even better is the fact that Ubisoft has confirmed that you can play the game without using the toys at all and you can get the ships in the game through other means which adds more flexibility to the game itself. 

But what they showed at their presentation blew me away. They have confirmed that Fox and his team will be joining the Starlink initiative in the Switch exclusive version of the game which is why you see the pic there with the captions there which was taken from the Starfox reveal trailer from E3 last week. When this was revealed, it was one of the best surprises that Ubisoft did and most likely thanks to last year's Mario Rabbids Kingdom Battle. I really hope that this game does well in sales and I am so happy that the Starfox series is getting the love it really needs(coming from a Starfox fan like myself). I mean isn't it convenient that this game comes out this year which also marks the 25th anniversary of the series dating back to 1993. Anyway, it has been confirmed that Fox is not the only Starfox character to be in the game. Ubisoft confirmed that Fox's crew along with Wolf and his team will be showing up the game which you can play as Fox throughout the entire main story and the exclusive Starfox missions that the Switch version will offer. So all you Starfox fans out there, if you want to get this game, support this title and preorder the game which I have the link here… . The game releases on October 16, 2018. Boy I can't wait to see Fox and his crew interact with the human characters in this game.

Link for trailer…

Starlink Battle for Atlas @ Ubisoft

Fox McCloud @ Starfox, Nintendo
Sora and Louie Chibi Merfolks Conversation Comm.
Here we have a new commission from my awesome DA friend :iconwhitefox89: of her character Sora and my OC Louie as chibi merfolks having a friendly conversation while under the sea for some adventures with her.  They make the best partners/friends, don't they? Hope you like the ink and colors I did here, hun. As for the rest, enjoy!!

Pic done by :iconwhitefox89:…

Sora character by :iconwhitefox89:

Louie character by :icondragonheart07:
How's it going, guys? Back again with another journal entry for all of you guys. Been a little while since I've done something new for my entries to let you guys know what has been going on in my life. I'm doing fine as always and intend to keep it that way. For me and my girl Shayna, everything is going fine from the both of us. 

Anyway, some interesting stuff has been going on from Nintendo over these last couple of weeks. We got word from Nintendo that of their partnership with Universal Studios of setting their plans of doing a theme park/attractions into motion and they have given the official name of the park which will be known as Super Nintendo World and here is a pic posted by Nintendo of America of what the concept art is how is going to look like.

As we all know, they have said that it is going to open in all 3 Universal Studios areas(Osaka, Japan; Orlando, Florida; Hollywood, California). But it won't be ready until 2020(same time as for the Tokyo Olympic Summer Games). The article is located here… . It will bring every known franchise from Nintendo into this park to give people exposure on some of these IPs that have been going for a long time from Mario, Zelda, Starfox, Metroid, Pokemon, Donkey Kong, etc. Can't wait for this to happen and another reason for me to go to Universal Studios in Orlando(since I'm a Florida resident). Speaking of that, here's the video for what's in store for the parks:

As for other stuff going on with Nintendo, Miyamoto recently had an interview in New Jersey at the Apple event to promote Super Mario Run, this person named Katie Linendoll asked him about what other Nintendo characters he would have wished to be more popular like Mario. Interestingly, he said Fox McCloud was one of them with his series to be more popular along with the Pikmin series. He even said that he will put more effort and the energy he needs to make sure that happens. This is most likely after what happened to the reception of Starfox Zero which came out this year and obviously one of the problems that some people had with the game was the forced motion controls he put into the game which I'm going to have to agree on. Now don't get me wrong. I really enjoyed Starfox Zero and it was a fun experience and will go back into it. But as you guys already know, like any other Nintendo game, it's not meant for everyone. Another problem with the game was that it came out in the last year for the Wii U. If it would have came out in the first or second year after its release, it may have done better since that was the time when the Wii U was trying to bring out some of the good titles out even though the system kind of suffered a drought. Not to mention that the install base for the Wii U was pretty low and now the production for the Wii U has been discontinued since they are focusing their efforts on the Switch. 

Anyway, I'm glad that Miyamoto is not giving up on both the Starfox and Pikmin series after the comment he did. It goes to show that he does care about his creations and not throw them by the wayside. But yes I do agree that he needs to put more effort into it and take it a lot more seriously in order for the series to gain more popularity than it needs from what he said and I would love that. Yes Starfox and Pikmin are popular and they have their own fanbase like any other Nintendo franchise like Mario, Zelda, etc. Anyway, I don't want to wait another 10 years for another entry in the SF series after Zero. And based from that statement he brought up there, he in a way indirectly hinted/implied of new entries for both Starfox and Pikmin to come out on the Switch in the future down the road. Obviously we're not going to get a new SF game next year since we just recently got Zero this year. I would say at least 2 to 3 years after the Switch's release when we'll get a new entry in the series. As of now, Zero has sold right about 400k units or a bit more than that after its release. But yeah Miyamoto is aware of the situation with Zero and hopefully he learned his lesson on this. With the Switch going back to the basics and that the team who are developing it is a young team(which is good and have some fresh blood to make the Switch a success). Also, it goes to show that after that comment he did, most likely he'll be focusing on what to make a SF game really good again(like playing the game with traditional control scheme everyone loves from the series, expand upon the series becoming more than just a rail shooter game and more importantly have online multiplayer since online gaming is the norm these days and becoming a big deal which is something that Miyamoto is going to need to embrace). He does all that and I promise you it would be a hit and Nintendo could pull off a Fire Emblem Awakening(which became a hit after its release) on us with it. Adventures and Assault(also my favorite games in the series along with SF64) served as a good evolution to the series and they need to do that. If they can combine elements with other games like Starhawk(PS3 game), Ratchet and Clank(for its ground based elements) with elements like from Rogue Squadron with a dash of multiplayer(both local and online), I promise you that will be a hit which Miyamoto will be looking for based on that comment. If it weren't for Miyamoto, we would have never gotten any of his IPs like Mario, Zelda, Starfox, etc.

Also, even after Zero's release, the people from Platinum Games who worked on Zero including Yusuke Hashimoto(director of Zero and Bayonetta 2) are still interested in and if I were Miyamoto on this, he should approach them again and let them take a shot with doing a sequel to Zero as they would love to only this time that they take a good amount of control for the next game kind of like what Kojima did in giving Platinum Games the control they need to make Metal Gear Rising Revengeance and Miyamoto can serve more as the advisor for it on Zero's sequel. If that happens, I would love to see Platinum Games really work their magic there and they can make Zero's sequel be a spectacle and one that even the SF fans would love to see and be the true sequel we have all been waiting for. After all, Nintendo are really good friends with Platinum Games and they are on board with the Switch and this should be an opportunity that Miyamoto should not waste if he wants this to happen, From the looks of it, he is going to focus on making a new SF entry down the road(likely on the Switch) after they get the big things out of the way(like the release of the new Zelda game coming up, the release of the Switch console along with some big first-party IPs first to get it out of the way.

Here are some links to prove my point here on that comment Miyamoto did:………

As for my pics, more of them will be on the way. :iconfoxhappyplz:

Starfox Taurs series:

-Krystal McCloud Starfox Taurs #1 - Krystal McCloud by dragonheart07
-Fox Mccloud Starfox Taurs #2 - Fox Mccloud by dragonheart07
-Wolf O'Donnell Starfox Taurs #3 - Wolf O' Donnell by dragonheart07
-Miyu Lynx Starfox Taurs #4 - Miyu Lynx by dragonheart07
-Fay Spaniel Starfox Taurs #5 - Fay Spaniel by dragonheart07
-Falco Lombardi  Starfox Taurs #6 - Falco Lombardi by dragonheart07

-Peppy Hare  Starfox Taurs #7 - Peppy Hare by dragonheart07

-Slippy Toad  Starfox Taurs #8 - Slippy Toad by dragonheart07

-James McCloud  Starfox Taurs #9 - James McCloud by dragonheart07

-Katt Monroe  Starfox Taurs #10 - Katt Monroe by dragonheart07

-Bill Grey  Starfox Taurs #11 - Bill Grey by dragonheart07

-Fara Phoenix  Starfox Taurs #12 - Fara Phoenix by dragonheart07

-Pigma Dengar  Starfox Taurs #15 - Pigma Dengar by dragonheart07

-Andrew Oikonny  Starfox Taurs #16 - Andrew Oikonny by dragonheart07

-General Pepper  Starfox Taurs #13 - General Pepper by dragonheart07

-Leon Powalski  Starfox Taurs #14 - Leon Powalski by dragonheart07

-Panther Caroso  Starfox Taurs #17 - Panther Caroso by dragonheart07

-Andross  Starfox Taurs #18 - Andross by dragonheart07

Sly Cooper Taurs series: 

-Rioichi Cooper  Sly Cooper Taurs #1 - Rioichi Cooper by dragonheart07
-Tennessee Kid Cooper Sly Cooper Taurs #2 - Tennessee Kid Cooper by dragonheart07
-Sly Cooper Sly Cooper Taurs #3 - Sly Cooper by dragonheart07
-Carmeilta Fox  Sly Cooper Taurs #4 - Carmeilita Fox by dragonheart07

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Deviantroid Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2018  Student Digital Artist
I tried to find the game through GameStop but it is not showing.
dragonheart07 Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
You may likely have to go into the store and ask them about it.
Deviantroid Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2018  Student Digital Artist
Where did you preorder the game?
dragonheart07 Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
At the Gamestop near my place. When you get the chance, you should try it.
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Deviantroid Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2018  Student Digital Artist
YOOOOOOOOO! DID YOU SEE? Starlink coming to Switch and FOX MCCLOUD is a guest star in the game!
dragonheart07 Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Yes. I am so excited. I never saw that coming. I already preordered the game and getting the Switch version. I am crossing my fingers for the Starfox Grand Prix game that I have been rumors on that Retro Studios is working on which may get shown at E3. My reaction to the video there was like Thor's reaction in Ragnarok when he sees Hulk and he yells out "Yes!". :lol:
Deviantroid Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2018  Student Digital Artist
I’m going to preorder it too soon.
dragonheart07 Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Cool. ^^I am excited for Nintendo's E3 tomorrow.
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dcaldwell101 Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2018  Student Artist
You're a big StarFox fan right?
dragonheart07 Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Yeah. Why do you ask?
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